Almost Angels Tattoo Family
Almost Angels Tattoo Family


Find out everything you need to know about what we do here at Almost Angels Tattoo Family. We have tried to compile the most frequently asked questions all in one place to make it easier for you but if there is anything else you would like answered please feel free to contact us.


Q: The first and most asked question is “Does it hurt?”
A: Of course it hurts, tattoos and piercings are all done by needles penetrating your skin so yes it does hurt a little so you must expect a small amount of discomfort. The larger the tattoo the longer it will take to do, so small tattoos hurt less than large ones! The pain is more of an irritation. 
Don’t get yourself worked up though its not as bad as you think, if it was, people wouldn't keep coming back.

Q: Where’s the least painful place to get a tattoo?
A: To be honest, everyone is different, but in general the more sensitive areas are ribs and feet.

Q: What do I do if I want a tattoo but I don’t know what I want?
A: We have clients say this to us all the time, unfortunately we are not mind readers so we need to at least know the basics.  Take your time, do your research, a tattoo is permanent so make sure you have a good think about what it is you want.

Q: How do I go about booking an appointment?
A: The first stage is we ask all clients to email their name, telephone number, any reference pictures that you have found, placement of tattoo, whether you want it in colour or black and grey and also the size that you are wanting. We also ask for as much description as possible (go to the contact page to fill out a booking enquiry form).
The next stage is we will either give you a call and get you booked in for your tattoo appointment or if we still aren't 100% clear what it is you want from the description you have given us we will contact you and get you booked in for a consultation with the artist first.

Q: Can you design the tattoo for me?
A: Yes we can design it for you, all our artists are custom tattoo artists but what we ask is you find reference pictures for us to look at so we know what style it is you want. You can always email over plenty of images, as mentioned earlier we are not mind readers so we don’t know what your thinking, but if we have visual aids it's a lot easier for us to come up with a design for you. 

Q: Do I need a Consultation?
A: Not always, it really depends whether we feel or you feel you need one, if it's a complex or custom design and we feel that we are not on the same wavelength or that we just need to finalise a few things then we will get you booked in for a consultation with the artist. At the consultation we ask you to bring as much reference as possible. There is a £15 charge for a consultation, however if at the end of the consultation you book in for an appointment the £15 will be taken off of your £50 deposit and redeemed against your tattoo appointment.

Q: Can I see my design before my appointment?
A: Yes you can, come into the studio to see the design but we do not allow you to take the design away with you, take a copy, and we won't email the design to you.

Q: Can I bring my own design?
A: Yes, it can be anything you like, but it will need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo. If this is the case we will discuss this with you beforehand. WE WILL NOT REPLICATE ANOTHER TATTOO ARTIST WORK.

Q: How much will my tattoo cost? 
A: It is just impossible to quote a price without seeing a design. Custom tattooing cost varies on the size of your tattoo, the complexity, and where you put it on your body. Once we have an idea of the design we can always give you estimated quote. We charge per piece or by the hour for on going work.

Q: How old do i have to be to get a tattoo?
A: You must be 18 years of age and have a photographic ID. We only except passport or photo driving license, anyone who appears under the age of 25 years old we will ask for a copy of your ID, so please make sure you have it with you at the time of your appointment. 

Q: Can I have a drink before I come in for my appointment just to calm my nerves?
A: No if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, under no circumstances will any of the artists tattoo you and you will lose your deposit.

Q: Do I need to put a deposit down to book an appointment?
A: Yes, we require at least a £50 deposit for you to secure an appointment date.
NO DEPOSIT, NO BOOKING! Please note - for full day sittings the deposit will be higher.

Q: If I need to rearrange the date of my appointment, how much notice do I need to give and am I going to lose my deposit? 
A: If you need to rearrange your appointment you have to give us at least 48 hours notice (this means 2 working days). Failure to do this WILL result in you losing your deposit.

Q: Can I book an appointment without leaving a deposit and then drop one off at a later date because my appointments not for a few weeks/months?                                                                                                                

A: Unfortunately you can't. Deposits will need to be taken at the time of booking.

Q: Do I need to do anything on the day of my tattoo?
A: On the morning of your tattoo appointment make sure you eat breakfast even if you do not usually. It would also be sensible to not go out drinking the night before or take drugs, alcohol thins your blood which obviously causes you to bleed more throughout your tattoo, it may also cause you to feel faint.

Q: Are you fully licensed and hygienic? 
A:The studio is fully licensed with the Local Environmental Health Department. We have a very strict hygiene regime throughout the studio, after every customer, all machinery, chairs, work surfaces and floors are vigorously cleaned, sterilised or disposed of. All of our tattoo artists are registered and licensed with our local authority. All Licenses are displayed within our premises for our clients to see.

Q: Do you do piercings?
A: Yes we do, these are by appointments only. For prices and appointments please contact the studio.

Q: What Jewellery do you use?
A: We only pierce and sell Titanium jewellery within our studio.

Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept cash, card and credit cards. We do not accept cheques or American Express. There is an additional charge for paying on card.

Q: If I'm pregnant can I still get a tattoo?
A: No, none of our artists will tattoo anyone that is pregnant or that are breast feeding.

Q: How old do I have to be to get a piercing?
A: Depending on what piercing you are having, most piercings are 16 years old but due to our insurance you will need your parent or guardian with you and they must produce their photographic ID. (Nipple and genital piercings are 18 years old).

Q: Can you do cover-ups?
A: It all depends on the tattoo that you have and what you want to cover it with. Best thing to do is email us over a clear photo of what you already have and what you want to cover it with and we will let you know if it can be done or not.

Q: Do you sell gift vouchers?                                                                                                                                           

A: Yes we do, to any amount that you would like. Please note: All vouchers are not for re-sale and are non-refundable.