Almost Angels Tattoo Family
Almost Angels Tattoo Family



Louie Crabb- Tattoo Apprentice

Ever since I was an early teenager I knew that I wanted to be a tattoo artist and said that I wanted to be covered in tattoos, I have always been interested in tattoos even from a young age I was always sketching tattoo ideas and planning what I wanted on my body. Whilst I was in school I studied art and graphic design as I have always loved drawing and the occasional painting. 

The main styles of tattooing that I mainly draw are Traditional as well as Black and Grey but I have also done a few Traditional Japanese drawings. I have recently been experimenting with realistic pencil drawings and the Neo-Traditional style to have a wider variety of styles,techniques and knowledge to approach all aspects of tattooing with confidence.

It’s not just tattooing I’d like to add my list of skills, I would also like to have a go at other ways of producing art such as airbrushing and engraving. I’m so pleased to be heading down the career path that I’ve always wanted and to be taken in and taught the art of tattooing by the very talented artists at Almost Angels Tattoo Family is an incredible opportunity for me.