Almost Angels Tattoo Family

Almost Angels Tattoo Family


Laura Davison


I like playing games, watching films and listening to music, pretty much just like every other person on this planet. 
I joined the Almost Angels Tattoo Family in August 2013. I completed my first tattoo in July 2014 and I am LOVING MY JOB. I studied art at school when it was compulsory, but after that I wasn’t really interested. I actually got into drawing when I was looking for tattoo inspiration online. As I trawled through hundreds of thousands of different pictures, (slight exaggeration but that’s what it felt like) I couldn’t help but think,  "I could definitely do this”. So, I began to draw.
I’m not the most confident person, but sheer will-power and desperation makes me put my awkwardness aside, so I can truly say, “yeah, I’m good at this.” I always get to where I’m meant to be.
My ultimate aim is to concentrate on portraits, but currently I like all styles of tattoos, I do however love anything vibrant and BOLD. My tattoo role models are Michelle Maddison and David Corden. My goal is for my work to be as good as theirs, and to also be just as humble.
Some other facts about me:

  • It takes 100% of my concentration to walk in heels.

  • I don’t like getting up and I don’t like going to bed.

  • My favourite activities are staying in my pyjamas and being antisocial.

  • Special skills include identifying all 3000 songs on my iTunes by the first chord, binge watching whole seasons of TV series on Netflix and not putting kisses at the end of text messages.

  • I like strong women, and men who dress like strong women.

  • I will never love anybody as much as I love Dana Scully.

  • Cher, Cher, Cher, Cher, Cher.

  • I have been told getting tattooed by me is like getting tattooed by a jukebox.

  • I constantly have to prove to people that I am in fact, 30 years old. I carry my ID at all times.